Hi, I'm David Rönnlid
I solve problems

What I do

I'm a full-stack developer

I develop websites and web applications. I currently work mainly on the front-end but am evolving my back-end skills.

I'm a blog writer

I write on Medium about holistic personal evolution. I focus on methods of growing mind, body and brain for learning, performance and happiness.

I'm a biohacker

I optimize my sleep, supplementation, nootropic intake, nutrition, exercise & mindfulness for learning, performance and happiness.

I'm an entrepreneur

I look to various fields of arts and science to cross-pollinate start-ups with ideas & methods for solutions to problems. I believe there are more opportunities now than ever before.

Why I do it

Long-term vision:
Boost love & reduce suffering as much as possible.

Another definition of my mission could be to increase the well-being of conscious beings in the world. I believe that the most efficient way to pursue this goal is by upgrading myself (biohacking) and my abilities so that I in the future have greater abilities to influence the well-being of other people. I suspect that technology will only grow more important in the world we live in, hence I'm a full-stack developer. I believe that writing is an important skill to have & that the money and following I can build on Medium can be useful for my goal of effective altruism. Looking to seize opportunities & creating value by starting businesses is another method of increasing the well-being in the world as much as possible in the long-term. This is a result of the solving of problems people have and the power to influence (money, relationships) a successful venture can yield.